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Google Set To Prepare Developers For 2018


The move is meant to prepare for a future version of Android that will only support 64-bit applications, and Google is billing it as an improvement to the security performance of the platform as a whole. Google’s announcement included a final detail about a new practice that will take effect in early 2018. This statement also indicates that Android P, expected to arrive in September 2018, probably rules out the compatibility with the slowest 32-bit application and will join IOS as another mobile OS platform with the latest processing support.


The target API level is technically defined as the version of the operating system with which an application was tested; but in more practical terms, it is used to define a set of behaviors that an application expects from the operating system. The second season has 89p, it is reduced from £ 4.59. That’s not all because the company will also require application developers to point to the Android Oreo programming interface.

As of November 2018, the same requirement applies to the update of existing applications. After years of fighting with Apple and Google over the rules for having a video store on Apple TV and Android TV today, you can now find an Amazon Prime Video on Android TV and Apple TV. The new configuration works even when the screen is off on devices that always support the listening mode. Recall that there was a time when Android watches were labeled as commercially unsuccessful by certain analysts. After Google announced that they would get support for YouTube on their FireTV and Echo Show hardware, it seems that Amazon is slowly changing, and this is a good step for customers, at least if they could install the application. The other big change comes in 2019. Most Android devices work with ARM-based chips. Android itself added 64-bit support with 5.0 Lollipop in 2014. This can result in much better performance. Google has now set clear guidelines for all developers who want to make applications for Play Store advance. Developers do not need to make any changes themselves, but metadata should help verify the authenticity of the application.


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