Google Releases July 2017 Security Patch OTA’s And Factory Images

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Google Releases July 2017 Security Patch OTA's And Factory Images

Google Releases July 2017 Security Patch OTA’s And Factory Images

July 2017 security patch:Google has just released the latest security patch for Android, it is the July 2017 security patch and it is now available in the form of an OTA and a full factory image. It is now available for Nexus and pixel devices, and manufacturers should start the rollout pretty soon. Once again there are two security patches. The first is the July 1 patch and it is a partial patch. The July 5 Patch is a full patch, patched with all the vulnerabilities.

This security patch fixes a number of vulnerabilities with the WiFi driver, network drivers, network sub-components, and more. There are a number of weak points that are implemented this time, many of them are moderate or low impact, but there are a few that are high and critical. So it is obviously important that you install this security patch as soon as it is installed on your device. Some of the most important vulnerabilities refer to the bootloader, and that only refers to those with Qualcomm chipsets inside – that’s still the majority of the Android devices today. Google has worked with its partners over these vulnerabilities to fix them, especially the components that are closed source.

Google notes in his security bulletin that the devices that receive this security patch contain the pixels, pixels XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Pixel C, and the Nexus Player. The OTA and factory pictures are also high. Those who want to put the security patch on their device as quickly as possible, but do not want to delete all their data, can simply transfer the OTA to their device. Google gives instructions on how to do this. Those who do not mind losing their data can inflate the entire factory image. Google also gives instructions to do this, but be sure to back up all your data as everything is deleted. It’s about starting with a brand new smartphone. This will also take longer because the file is much, much larger than a simple OTA update. But you can find the OTA and factory image files from the links below. The OTA should be rolled out again later.

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