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Easy Way To Sync Contacts From Facebook To Android

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How to synchronize contacts from Facebook to Android: Android gadgets allow users to connect to their Facebook contacts directly from their call post. But, Android smart devices do not have this option by default. It was just added once the person installs the Facebook application in their tool, which most users have.

How to synchronize contacts from Facebook to Android.

So here is how you can synchronize your Facebook contacts with the personal digital assistant of your Android device.

Step 1

On your Android device, locate the applications in secret and press. The app house trick is usually found in the lower middle section of the screen.

Step 2.

As soon as the application home screen opens, locate the Facebook application symbol and then press it.

Step 3.

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The application will then open your connected Facebook account and will reveal existing items and also updates to your account. It could take a while to sync your Facebook account with the Android tool account.

As soon as the batches of materials press the options trick in the tool to open the Facebook options menu. From there, choose the configuration. This menu can be activated by accessing the secret hardware options of the tool within the application.

Step 4.

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The following screen will present the settings related to the Facebook application. From the options, choose Various other settings. Now select the Synchronize contacts option.

Step 5

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The fulfilment of the screen will open in the type of a point with three options.

If you want to synchronize all the contacts in your Facebook account with your Android phone directory, choose the first option. If you want to synchronize information from only those friends whose names exist in your Android phone book, choose the second alternative.

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The third option is there to remove all data related to Facebook from the account or the gadget. Then, if you do not want to keep your Facebook contacts, choose option 3.

Step 6

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Alternative two is the best since only existing calls are synchronized and the information is obtained only for the contacts on your device.

Step 7.

Surely you will not be able to see all the calls since the device will spend some time to synchronize the information. The ideal alternative would undoubtedly be to offer about an hour for the application to synchronize the information ideally through a Wi-Fi network to speed things up. When finished, all contacts will be updated immediately in your Android phone directory.

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