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How To Easily Erase An SD Card On Android

How to format sd card on android

1. Make sure your Android SD card is in place. If you need to insert the SD card, you may need to remove the back of your Android.
– Taps and phones use microSD cards, which are miniature versions of SD cards found in cameras and such.
-In some cases, you must remove the battery from your Android also before you can access the SD slot.

2. Open the Android settings. It is a gear-shaped application in the Android application drawer.

3. Scroll down and touch Storage. You will find this option in the middle of the Configuration page.
-In a Samsung device, touch Device maintenance.

4. Touch the name of your microSD card. It should be under the heading “Portable storage”.

5. Touch. This option is in the upper right corner of the screen.

6. Touch Storage Configuration. It is at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

7. Click Format or Format as internal. If you want to configure your SD card as an internal storage option, touch Format as internal. If you simply try to erase your SD card, touch Format.
– You may first have to touch Storage at the bottom of the page on a Samsung device.

8. Touch DELETE AND FORMAT. It is at the bottom of the page. By doing so, you will begin to format your SD card for your Android device.
-This process should only take a few seconds. Once it is complete, your SD card has been reformatted successfully.

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Note: Incase you need to recover deleted files from your android please follow our guide.

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