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Download And Play Walking War Robots On PC

Walking War Robots is a free mobile game that is a third person shooting game and includes MOBA mode in real time with battles of 6 against 6 players against players. It can be played on both iOS and Android platforms and was developed and published by Pixonic, a Russian developer of games for mobile devices. The game allows players to participate as a soloist or play in a group of players. On April 14, 2014, Walking War Robots was launched for iOS and, in 2015, it was made available to Android users. It runs on Unity engine and is currently also available on Fire OS and Gameroom.


The battles in the game are like the arena style of the battles and involve 6 against 6 players against the player. To complete a battle round, there is a timer that limits you to approximately five minutes. There is a very fast pairing since a player can spend only a few seconds to do it. You can play with humans or bots that look alike. The robots are classified into two teams, allies or enemies. The enemies appear with red names, while the allies have blue names. The left side of the screen is used to move while the right side is to take pictures. To be able to use a specific weapon, simply press the weapon. On the other hand, to shoot everything, you can press the huge button on your pad.

To move and rotate the camera, you can touch the space that is empty on your screen. However, if you want to shoot and move the camera control simultaneously, you can adjust your lens by holding the button while looking around. Another characteristic that you can use is the auto-objective. This helps block and follow the objectives. There are two ways to win in Walking War Robots. The first is killing enemy robots and the other capturing the bases in their entirety. There are a series of beacons that a player can capture. These are scattered on the map. A neutral lighthouse is white, those that are already captured are blue and those that the enemy controls are red.

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• Leagues
The game has a league system that is based on your number of trophies. The amount of trophies you get is based on your performance. The leagues are 10 in number. The players with the highest trophies are in league 10 and those with the lowest league, 1.

• Maps
There are nine maps available in which each new player is placed when they enter the battle. Each map is unique regarding length, style of play and structure.

• Lowest priority queue
This is a pairing tool that is separate. It is meant for those who leave while the battle progresses or remains inactive.

• Custom matches
This feature allows you to play with specific people. In this function, it is not allowed to play with the public. You will not be able to play with players that use a different platform than yours.


• It is a portable mech game

• The options for optimization are numerous

• Can be played by many people


• Has gambling problems to win

• If you use a small screen, the game becomes coded.


The game Walking War Robots Mobile is a fantastic game that anyone should try. The game is great and offers a good gaming experience.



    1. You must download and install the Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
    2. Watch the video below for the proper installation guides.
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Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.

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