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The Terraria mobile game is a single-player platform game that can be played on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The thriller of action, action adventure, 2D, Sandbox and overall genres, was developed by Codeglue and published by 505 Games. The game Terraria was launched for the first time on August 29, 2013. The mobile game presents construction, craftsmanship, combat and exploration in a 2D procedural world with a variety of creatures.


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The player in Terraria starts customising his character to his liking. The game then leaves your character in a colourful world and contains only some things that can be seen as tools. It is assumed that your character must use them to build, fight monsters and explore the terrain. Understanding how you are required to do all this is fantastic at the beginning. However, you come across a guide who walks around the area and tries to advise you. The guidance offered does not help to try to start. However, it does not take long to understand how you should start playing.

The game has no epic quests or story elements that one can conquer. Fantasies are what give you the desire to be adventurous. Expect monsters, chaos and magic in the dark caverns below and on the surface. You must discover the dangers and the prizes that are not expected. The whole world of Terraria is destructible. It gathers essential resources such as wood, iron and stone breaking blocks. These resources are used to build structures and make great teams. There are rarer resources that are only thrown at you when you dig deeper into the underworld or when you kill monsters.

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The monsters you can kill include creatures with floating fangs or skeletons. Most of the game consists in searching everywhere for resources that can help you build. Therefore, you must be extremely explorer to find the right resources. There is the kind of night cycle life on the surface of this world. Consequently, it is safer to explore during the day. The day is also the perfect time to erect your houses. You have NPC characters drawn to the place where you live.

At night, things get a little uncertain. The dangerous beasts begin to wander; Hordes of zombies also come out and you have to fight them or run away. However, this is not a concern if you already have a reliable solution. There is also the aspect of the development of the village. You can combine huts that are simple or create fortresses that take you to heaven. You must make your town attractive to NPCs and make sure they come to you.



• Building
There are a series of structures for which a player needs to collect resources and use them to build. This is the residence where in case they seek refuge, they enter.

• Collection of resources
To build the structures, there are specific resources they must gather. There a standard on resources and rare resources. The most common ones can be found when roaming on the surface. The rare must be sought from the underworld.

• Villages
You can build structures to form a town. You must make sure that the village can attract your NPCs.

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• The gameplay is simple but attractive
• The game has good graphics and soundtrack
• There are many activities in which one can participate
• The controls are straightforward


• Users who are not willing to pay are excluded from the game
• Sometimes the game stops responding


The Terraria mobile video game is a great adventure game that everyone should try. Although it is not free, it is worth the amount of money that is worth.



  1. You must download and install the Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.

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