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tappy shots

Tappy Shots is a mobile video game that can be played on an Android or iOS mobile device. The unique game with basketball themes was developed and published by Super Tapy Sports. It was released in December 2017. The objective of this game is to make sure you manage to put the ball in the basket by shooting. The one-touch game requires you to jump and hold the shooting rings before the allowed time elapses. The player can also brandish, throw baskets and dunk to reach the highest scores. You can customize the game by using different masks and balls. You can also challenge your friends or yourself to become an MVP.



The gameplay is quite simple. You must jump by touching and continue shooting before the amount of time allowed expires. The highly addictive game will enable you to try to be the best by being a Most Valuable Player. The idea is to continue the screen to ensure that the ball swings in the hoop. Since there is a limited time to do this, the faucets you make must be accurate.

Lifting the ball requires you to make strong punches. This means that weak taps will not be able to allow you to get the ball out of the ground in time and you will be short of time. On the other hand, if your strokes are powerful, you will lose due to an overload. The secret here is to learn the mechanics of Tappy Shots tap that are relatively easy.

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The difficulty comes in the domain of the taps. Therefore, getting the correct rhythm from the taps will require you to spend many hours learning. To reach the highest scores, you must make as many baskets as you can. Triggers multipliers is an excellent way to achieve the best scores as well. The game features many ball masks. These balls have different shapes and some shapes are more comfortable to score. Then, you must try to unlock the Potion to get the ball with the correct form.

The shape and size of this object make it easy to shoot and score accurately. The game also has challenges that you can complete. By completing a problem, you can unlock certain ball decks that cannot be opened in any other way. For a natural progression through the game, it may take a few seconds to see an ad. This is especially important if you want to resume playback from the place where you left it in your last session.


• Free to play
Except for purchases in the application where you can buy items for the game, there are no other costs that you must incur to perform.

• Not necessary for internet
Most of today’s mobile games are online and, therefore, require you to have Internet access if you play. However, Tappy Shots is an offline game that can be downloaded to your phone and played.

• Balls
There are up to around 51 balls with which you can block and play. These balls have different shapes and sizes. Therefore, some are easy to basket, while others are difficult to.

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• Simple controls
To play, the controls used are straightforward and are one touch.


• The game has a great interface
• No costs are required to play the game
• Does not need an internet connection
• The game is fantastic and immersive


• The number of ball options is limiting
• There are minor errors that require correction
• The game experience is not good enough


Tappy Shots is an excellent game for mobile devices that anyone can play with much ease. It can be a unique way to spend your time as a player.




  1. You must download and install the Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Enjoy playing your favorite Android game on your desktop PC.


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