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Download PlayStation 3 (PS3) Emulator For Android,IOS And PC

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 PS3 (PlayStation 3) Emulator For Android, IOS And PC [Updated]

If you are a hardcore gamer and use Android smartphones, then this article is for you. Sony PlayStation is one of the leading game consoles on the market and the largest competitor of Microsoft Xbox. If you do not have a PS console, but still want to play PS games on Android, then follow this article. All you need to do is download and install PS3 Emulator for Android.

From now on, you can enjoy your favorite PlayStation 3 games on whatever you want, from cell phone or tablet to laptop or desktop computer. We live in a new era of the game, where playing challenging video games on portable devices is a normal way of today’s accelerated life.

In the first stages of our software, when it was not officially released to the public, there was a lot of hard work to make it work properly. The hardest part of all was to support it to work on Android OS. Since this is the mobile environment and PlayStation 3 software is intended to work on a much larger hardware, it took us months to coordinate everything to act as it should. Making it work on PC and Mac was not easy but still easier than an Android supporting job.

App Name – PS3 Emulator
Developer – Unknown
Stable Version – v2.0.1
Compatibility – Android v4.0 & Later
PS3 Emulator for Android, PC & Mac

All PS3 games are uploaded to our server!

This means you do not have to worry about finding games on the Internet to download separately after you have installed the emulator. Our 24/7 online database includes all featured ps3 game files, so all you have to do is click on a games tab in the app where you can get a list of all gaming genres possible. Then just go to your favorite and choose a game you want to play. Simply, no, pester about where to find the working game to download it and hope it will work without viruses. We have ensured that our tool is so easy for the user to enjoy, and that is why it took us longer, then expected it to be finished. But in the end, we made it successful.

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Minimum requirements for Android, PC and iOS


Get The Latest PS3 And PS4 emulators for android,ios and PC with  500+ game files added for just $10. Simply buy now below and send us an email: with your payment reference number, and we’ll forward the file to you for installation.

Unlike all other emulators that have their static requirements at the hardware level, they can work properly, our emulator uses a new system of automatic coordination requirements, depending on which device it is installed.

If we take Android OS for example, then we have the oldest devices and new ones. So if you run this emulator on some older Android device, say, Samsung S3, it will adapt to its specifications, so PlayStation 3 games running on this device will be displayed with low graphics quality if you put it on a Newer smartphone. It’s the same with PC or Mac. As more powerful your computer is, a more quality in graphics effects, you get

However, there are some minimum requirements that are listed below depending on operating system:

PS3 emulator for pc download Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 or later
CPU: Dual Core 3GHz or better
GPU: 512 MB memory or higher
RAM: 2GB or higher



OS: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later


ps3 emulator for android apk requirements

Version 4.1. Or more

What about iOS, can this app work on iPhone or iPad?

At this time, we were not able to develop a working version of iOS. It’s because Apple’s operating system is more protected and restricted then everyone else. So it takes a lot of time to emulate it to successfully emulate PS3 console. As soon as we finish it, we will publish it here for download among our others.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need BIOS file to start the emulator?

This emulator has already included BIOS in its directory when you download it. This means you do not need to search for the Internet separately. It’s equal to the Android app. The ps3 emulator for android bios is included in the app installation.

2. Where can I find a list of android ps3 games?

You can find games in the emulator. Just go to “Games” tab and type in. There is a great database of all popular PlayStation 3 games that are ready to play with one click. You do not have to worry about finding games for downloading on the Internet. If you want, you can download and play any game from our server on your computer or mobile phone.


3. When is the iOS version finished?

We can not give you an exact answer yet. Because the Apple operating system harder to hack and manipulate then all the other operating systems, we need more time to make it possible to emulate PS3 hardware.

Get our PS3 emulator for Android, PC, and Mac now and enjoy playing! Click the button below to download, select your device and let the fun begin! Tell your friends about this! Comment below, if you need any help with this article on the ps3 emulator for android offline.




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