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The Marvel Strike Force mobile game is a new turn-based RPG game for single player and multiplayer and is based on teams. The developer and editor of the game are FoxNext Game, Los Angeles. It has the best Marvel heroes and villains like Spider-Man, Captain-America, Groot and Dr.speciality Strange; presenting Daredevil and Kree and Ultimus. Marvel Strike Force was launched for the first time on March 28, 2018. Players can access the game on both iOS and Android platforms. This fantastic game works with the Unity engine. In many other RPG games based on RPGs, a division between Supervillains and Superheroes is presented. The task of the player in this game is to recruit squads that understand the best heroes and villains of Marvel and who fight on their mobile devices.


strike force

The game begins with the place where Kree and Ultimus take the essence of Avengers and instead; He has put his evil puppets to make the offer for him. Therefore, the work of the player, who is the new commander of S.T.R.I.K.E, becomes to gather and recover the villains of the essence and the heroes of the earth and make them have a unity of purpose. This is to ensure that both sides of the division have a common goal. In the game, there are five types of characters. There is Blaster, Controller, Support, Protector and Brawler. The Blaster fights for the use of heavy explosive materials and weapons. The character also makes use of long-range weapons to target opponents.

The Controller acts by weakening the enemies slowly but continuously, giving the enemies disadvantages. The other character known as the Support are those that make up the shock absorbers and the healers that help boost the player’s stats. On the other hand, the Protectors speciality to outwit the enemies and also serves to provide a defence to the party. The last character is the Brawler. He is known as the master hand in hand. It even can hit more enemies than one at the same time many times. Depending on your game style, you can mix and match these types of characters. By combining them appropriately, you get the ability to dive deeper into the game. Marvel Strike Force presents a lot of modes. You can join an alliance or follow a campaign.

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marvel strike

• Character types
There are five types of characters in this game. Each of these types of characters has a particular function to perform to ensure that a player is presented with a strong squad.

• Superheroes and Supervillains
The premise of the game is in the heroes who fight against the villains. The heroes include Daredevil, Groot, Captain America, Spiderman and Dr. Strange. On the other hand, the villains are Kree and Ultimus.

• Allies
The player can collect allies by completing chapters or opening the dimension orbs.


• The game has a lot of potential
• The mechanics of the game is addictive
• The graphics are impressive
• The story is charming and attractive


• You need to pay to play
• Lacks variety of sound

In general, the Marvel Strike Force mobile game is a game that has an excellent story and promises to be a great success according to the reception so far. If you have not tried it, It is time for you to do it.



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