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The Windows update with the technically correct name is disabled. As it does not bring significant changes from the previous version of Windows, it is likely that your old Radeon driver will probably work fine. Still, the original equipment manufacturers and commercial users will be happy that Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition version 18.4.1 has official support for the Windows update of April 2018.

Along with support for the latest version of Windows 10, Radeon Software 18.4.1 brings some bug fixes. The water should now appear correctly in World of Final Fantasy. Stellaris should stop hanging on the loading screens. The Radeon RX 400 series chips should be able to run Call of Duty: WWII without graphical corruption now, and Sea of Thieves should work on Crossfire teams. Finally, Radeon ReLive Instant Replay no longer requires a desktop recording to be enabled.

Despite the fact that the oldest notes are absent from the list of solved problems, the list of known issues this time is almost entirely new. The rise of the Tomb Raider could hang on DX12, and World of Tanks could suffer texture damage. The Eyefinity settings may not remain after a driver update, and Radeon Overlay may not work entirely for games in borderless window mode. The Witcher 3 can stutter during the game. Playing Destiny 2 for “extended periods” can result in very long loading times. Some DX9 games can be hung on Quad Fire systems. Finally, Netflix playback based on the browser can hang on Crossfire computers.

It seems difficult times for those with multiple Radeon platforms. However, those people will no doubt be familiar with that feeling. You can read the release notes or download the drivers on this button below.


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Radeon Software 18.4.1 Highlights

Support for;

  • Initial support for Windows®10 Update for April 2018

Fixed problems

  • Water textures may not appear or appear to be missing in World of Final Fantasy ™.
  • Stellaris ™ can experience a pending application of the loading screens.
  • Call of Duty ™: World War II may experience corruption during the game in some graphics products of the Radeon RX 400 series.
  • The Radeon ReLive Instant Replay feature may not be recorded in some game applications unless the desktop recording is enabled.
  • Sea of ​​Thieves ™ can experience flickers in some game menus in multi-GPU-enabled system configurations.

Known problems

  • The rise of the Tomb Raider ™ may experience a crash when launched with DirectX®12 API.
  • World of Tanks ™ may experience minor corruption in soil textures.
  • The Eyefinity configuration may not be retained after the Radeon Software update.
  • Radeon Overlay may not show all available features when some games run in full-screen mode without borders.
  • The Witcher ™ 3: Wild Hunt may experience stuttering during the game.
  • Destiny ™ 2 can experience a longer duration of loading time when the game runs for long periods of time.
  • Some DirectX®9 games or applications may experience lock or system instability when running on multiple
  • GPU system configurations that use four GPUs.
  • Netflix ™ playback through a web browser may experience corruption or crash when using configurations of multi-GPU enabled systems with the graphics products of the Radeon RX 400 or Radeon RX 500 series.



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