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It is likely that Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular royale battle game currently in the world of video games. It has captivated a broad audience and after its monumental success on PC, was launched on Android and iOS, which was very well received. Today, the developers of Tencent, the team behind Mobile PUBG have released the latest version of PUBG mobile that is PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 Chinese. However, as is the case every time, the launch is intended for China only for now. For players from around the world, we will show you how to download the latest Chinese version of PUBG Mobile 0.7.1.

China, as usual, is the first country to receive the update, but do not worry, because you can easily download the APK file of PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 and install it on your Android smartphone, regardless of the country to which it belongs.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.7.1

pubg mobile 0.7.1

The changelog for the update reveals the following additions to the game:

1. New entertainment mode “war mode”, limited time to open, 10 can enter; This mode can be obtained randomly at the beginning of a weapon, it can be skipped again after the fight to join the battle, the team points out the conditions of victory;
2 Added “expression animation system”, after the update the player will get facial expressions; in the room and the battle, the character can use several movements of expression;
3. Add the “Jedige Warzone” system, the system based on the player’s geographical area ranking, players can see their regional leaderboard title in this system;
4. Add “friends watching the game”, the player can choose to watch the game in the battle of a friend’s game;
5. Add a free shot; the paper will follow the lens towards Turn the head to the face;
6. Add an SLR precision rifle; the gun uses 7.62 bullets;
7. Add light grip, medium grip, thumb grip;
8. Add 3 times the mirror, 6 times the mirror; 6 can be performed between the folding mirror 3 times to 6 times the approach;
9. [] now renamed rifle automatic assault rifle] [;] [exploded the spy shooter now renamed precise gun [];
10 leaning on the rifle shooter With a rifle mouth, magazine and accessories;
11. Support the Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun Short Muzzle Shotgun;

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[more] Optimization

1. “fragmentation grenade”, the new effects and animations; “fragmentation grenade” can now be The vehicle is blown up;
2. Weight adjustment
a) Fragmentation grenades: adjustment from 12 to 18
b) Burning flask: setting 18 to 16
c) Smoke pumps: adjustment from 16 to 14
d) Shock explosion: adjustment from 14 to 12
3 drug settings
a) Epinephrine is now updated on the map with an extremely low probability
b) The adrenaline use time is adjusted from 8 seconds to 6 seconds
4. Gun balance adjustment:
a) Damage increased by machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, precision rifles (except SKS)
b) Increase slightly the damage coefficient of machine guns, shotguns in the extremities, hands and feet
c) Slightly accelerated the replacement of Speed submachine guns, slowed the replacement speed of the assault rifles.
5. Optimized the logic of the friends list, repaired the data abnormalities caused by too many friends on the platform;
6. Decomposition system to increase the decomposition function of the lot;
7. Entertainment mode, small open maps After, it will automatically expand to the safe area;
8. Add the report button in the historical record;
9. Optimize the performance of the observation game, increase the display of the current weapon and the information of the character’s state in the observation game;
10. Promote replenishment with a single click when the fuel is empty;
11. Operation custom support configuration: automatic sprint button and position of the selection list; while custom buttons can be larger;

How to download the Chinese and the installation of PUBG Mobile 0.7.1

Follow our guide to download and install PUBG mobile 0.7.1 on your Android phone / tablet.

Step 1– Download the APK from the link below.

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Step 2– Go to your phone’s security settings and then touch “Enable installation from unknown sources.”

Step 3: Using the file browser of your phone, look for the APK file of PUBG mobile 0.7.1 downloaded. Touch on it and install it. Accept any permission when requested.

Step 4: Open PUBG after installation and wait for more data to be downloaded. That is all.

Once you download the data, you are ready to begin.

Enjoy the latest PUBG mobile game and tell us what you think about the changes in the comments below.


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