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PUBG Mobile gained enormous popularity online when it came out on computers. After the success in PC, PUBG announced the launch of its games in smartphones as well. So far, the response from the audience has been excellent. The developers have been regularly updating the game.

The last of these updates is the 0.6.1 update, which supposedly optimizes the game to a significant degree of improvement. At this time, the updated game has been released in China. But you can still download the APK. There is a lot of new content with this update. And many improvements in the game.

The latest update of PUBG brings the new first-person perspective game mode, gun system, desert maps in entertainment mode and much more

In addition to the things mentioned above, further things have also been added. They have introduced the Armory Library System. Using this system, you will be able to see information about firearms and pistols. The new sound effects are also an addition to the PUBG 0.6.1 update.

But that is not all. In addition to the new game material, we see that the developers took several measures to further optimize the game. Previously, there was an error due to loss of vibration and voice with Bluetooth headphones. But now that problem has been solved. Another critical problem with the current PUBG mobile game was the user interface. Some aspects were clumsy and not intuitive. With the new update of PUBG 0.6.1, UI issues along with performance errors were eliminated. The spectator insects have also been repaired.

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Download PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 APK And iOS Update:

Well, without further delay, here are the download links to the updated version of PUBG Mobile 0.6.1. If you have Android or iPhone, we have everything covered.

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