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Today, Jurassic World Alive apk came into operation, and it seems that no matter who you are, you can play. This game was made in the same way as the Pokemon GO game. It is based on Google Maps, uses the user’s smartphone as an avatar to move around the world and captures Dino’s DNA.

The jurassic world game is LIVE right now, but you can not access the Google Play app store and play download. Unless you are reading this in the future, then, of course, go and download it. The same goes for the Apple App Store, where the iOS version is located. Click and see!

However, if it is not long after the publication of this article, you may need to download the apk file if you are an Android device user. KEEP IN MIND, when you go there you take your destiny into your own hands. SlashGear is not responsible for any action you take before, during or after reading this article, especially when it comes to the health of your phone!

Once you have the application, go to the action. This application starts very similar to Pokemon GO, teaching you how to play the dinosaurs that surround you and “capture” them. Instead of Pokéballs here, you are using a drone. The drone shoots arrows at the dinosaur, and the darts steal some DNA.

If you’re good at aiming, you’ll get a lot of DNA. If you are terrible, you may not get DNA at all! And you need that DNA to clone dinosaurs, of course, so you’re going to want to get as much DNA as possible. You also need DNA to develop dinosaurs, that’s called Stardust in Pokemon GO.

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Above you will see how you will spend your money in this game. It may also be IN YOUR FACE for some players. I’m not sure yet. When this appeared, it reminded me of how I felt when Pokemon GO betrayed me. It was not cute. Apart from that, the game looks pretty good.

The first time I saw screenshots for this game, I thought: SAME (same as Pokemon GO). As it turns out, they only look the same. In certain ways: ways in which Google does not try to hide. This game is made to take advantage of a large number of people in nature who have already played Pokemon GO. Similar graphics, and such.

Let us know if you are testing this game at the door. What dinosaurs are you doing first? Did you throw some remote control darts at a dinosaur you did not expect to find? Are you learning more about the universe of dinosaurs from the Jurassic world alive apk every day? Remember, this is not really how science works; it’s all just a game!


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