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How To Download And Install iOS 11 On iPhone 2017

Who can install IOS 11?

Download And Install iOS 11 On iPhone

Who can install IOS 11?

Install iOS 11: I wrote an article on how to install android 8 for Android smartphone users, Now it’s time for the iPhone users. IOS 11 has arrived and brought some improvements to your iPhone. With IOS 11, you will get a redesigned control center, application enhancements such as maps, messages and notes, and (at the end) the ability to use Apple pay to send money to friends and family. But before you can take advantage of all those new features, you need to install IOS 11.

Here is a guide on how to get IOS 11 on your iPhone. But first, you need to take care of some vital steps such as confirming that you can run IOS 11 and back up your phone before you upgrade.

Who can install IOS 11?

IOS 11 will work on iPhone 5s and later. That includes the SE iPhone, any iPhone 6 or 6s and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus ship with IOS 11 preinstalled.

IOS 11 does not work on phones that are not 64-bit capable. That leaves the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 out of the mix, as well as any iPhone that came out before 2013.

On the iPad side, IOS 11 will work with the iPad Mini 2 or later, the fifth generation iPad, any air iPad, and an iPad Pro. We have instructions for installing IOS 11 on Apple tablets also to PCMag.
If you still have a sixth generation iPod touch, you can install IOS 11, too.

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Backup your iPhone

Making a backup before installing any new operating system is a good practice to get in, and the iPhone is no exception. It’s recommended that you create a backup stored on your computer, so you have the backup handy in case something goes wrong with the iPhone.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer, go to iTunes and select the device you want to back up by clicking the phone icon.

2. Select Back Up Now. If you have data about the health and activity that you want to save, you must encrypt the backup. Check the Encrypt iPhone backup box.

3. Go to the iTunes menu, and select Preferences-> Devices to view a list of backups.

4. Control-click the backup you just made, you can use the timestamp in the right column to identify this backup and select Archive from the drop-down menu.

Download and install IOS 11

Now that you have a backup of all the content on your iPhone, you can proceed with downloading IOS 11. Make sure you have your Apple ID and access code at your fingertips, as you will need to use both during the upgrade process. Apple has support documents for retrieving the access code or your Apple ID if you can’t remember.

1. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.

2. Tap General.

3. Select Software Update.

4. IOS 11 is waiting for you. Tap Download and install.

5. When prompted, enter the access code, then accept the Apple terms. IOS 11 will start downloading.

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6. Tap Install. Your iPhone will start installing the update.

After the phone is restarted, you will be prompted to enter the passcode again. As part of the IOS 11 configuration, you may also be asked to log in with your Apple ID.

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