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Download SKEDit: Best Whatsapp Scheduler App

Great ideas often occur at random times, but sending text messages to friends and loved ones at an unwelcome hour not only puts your anger at risk but also increases the chances that you will not pay proper attention to your message. Fortunately, there is a whatsapp scheduler application called “SKEDit” that allows you to create and publish WhatsApp messages whenever you want to get the maximum effect.

SKEDit is an Android application that allows you to schedule publications in both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp, providing a practical way to transmit messages to friends and colleagues at the most opportune times. The application is also perfect for greeting people on their birthdays, ensuring that you will never forget a birthday again, even if you forgot it. It’s an interesting WhatsApp trick, so I’ll show you how it works below.

Before you start

Before you begin, you should know that SKEDit may require you to disable the security of your phone’s lock screen, depending on how you want to send your messages. There are other configurations that you can enable that offer a great compromise between automation and security, but I will expand further below.

Step 1: Install SKEDit

SKEDit can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store, therefore, go there or touch the link provided to install the application (Download Link is at the end of this post)

Step 2: Grant Permissions

Open, install SKEDit, open the application and tap “WhatsApp Business” or “WhatsApp“, depending on the type of account you use. The application will now ask you to grant accessibility permissions, so touch “Open Settings”, then scroll down to the following menu and select “SKEDit”.

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Now, touch the toggle within the SKEDit menu to grant accessibility permissions. A final confirmation message will appear that summarizes what the application will have access to, so touch “OK” to finish the configuration.

Step 3: Set the time and date of your scheduled publication

After granting the application permission to access the data, you can create and schedule a publication at a later date. To do so, simply tap the “WhatsApp Contacts” tab at the top and choose your WhatsApp recipients, then enter your desired text or media file in the empty field directly below it. By tapping the date and time fields, you will get a calendar to set the target date or a clock to set the desired time.

Also, you can choose to repeat your publication by touching “Repeat each”, which will give you the option to repeat your publication in hours, days, weeks, months and years. If you want to see a summary of your scheduled publication, tap “View schedule summary” to get a time card that details when your publication will be sent.

Step 4: Choose between automatic or manual programming

Before scheduling your publication, you still have to choose between sending the posts manually and automatically. Doing it automatically has the obvious advantage of sending messages to your desired time hands-free. This configuration, however, has one major drawback: to publish automatically, SKEDit recommends that you disable the security of your device’s lock screen.

Disabling the security of your phone is never a good idea since it gives anyone control over their phone to access confidential data at will. So, whether you’re travelling or just at work, this basic lack of security leaves you completely vulnerable to eavesdroppers and potential thieves.

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If you agree to this, tap “Change screen lock” in the prompt, then choose “None” in the system configuration menu that appears.

However, due to the security associated with automatic publication scheduling, we strongly recommend the manual method, which works even if the lock screen security is enabled. This configuration also has the added benefit of reminding you of upcoming posts, and gives you the opportunity to review them and make last-minute edits, such as not making dinner on time due to a heavy workload, and so on.

To schedule publications manually, touch the option to toggle between “Ask before sending” to activate it. Then touch “Change notification settings” and then make sure that all notification settings of the application, especially “Do not disturb custom exception”, are enabled in the following menu. Exit the configuration page once you have finished, and now you can schedule your publication by tapping “Schedule” in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Send scheduled messages manually (Optional)

If you chose to use the manual method described above, you can relax and wait, even forget about the message you programmed completely. When its time, you’ll receive a notification from SKEDit asking you to send the message. Simply touch this notification, then press “Send” in the pop-up window to send your previously written message on time. You are allowed to choose to edit or delete your message in this same message.

Download SKEDit


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