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Download And Install For PC Free mobile game is a free online shooting game released in December 2016 for iOS and later for Android devices. The multiplayer. The IO game belonged to the categories of Action, Shooter, Shoot-Em-Up, Top-down and was developed by Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. The player plays like Pixel Man and aims to defeat all other players who also play around the world in arrow shooting battles. As a player, you struggle to survive by aiming your arrows as opposing players and also as bears. At the same time, you have to be careful and be careful not to be hit by opponents. When doing all this, you should collect all the diamonds you can.



When you start the game for the first time as a new player, you must provide a nickname for your character. After that, select the game mode in which you wish to play. The mode you choose can be limited-time Championship, Off-line Game or Online Game. The next step is to enter the first Arena known as the Beginners Arena. Then, before entering the battle, you must select an ability. Then you can face opponents from now on. The Sands in the game include Beginner, Masters, Fire Storm and Midnight. Every player must participate in the search in

The player has a bow and arrows. They should be used prudently and in moderation to aim and shoot down all opponents. Your movement around the map should be done intelligently. Once placed, the player must draw his bow and arrows quickly and make sure to shoot the enemies before they can destroy it. The main goal here is to make sure you eliminate as many opponents as possible by simply shooting them with the arrows. In case it hits you with an opponent’s arrow, your game is over and you’ll have to start from scratch. While fighting against enemies, make sure you win as much gold as possible and always focus on your survival. To climb from the Beginning Arena to the other Arenas, you must reach the objectives of the previous arena.

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• Bow and arrows

These are the main weapons that a player must use to shoot and kill opponents in the quest to keep surviving. They should be used sparingly to ensure they are not wasted.

• Modes

The game has three main modes in which you can play. These include the limited-time Championship, online or offline game modes.

• Arenas

The sands here are Beginner, Masters, Fire Storm and Midnight. The player must progress in this order, starting with Beginner Arena.

• Multiplayer battles

The configuration of the game is such that it allows several players from around the world to participate in multiplayer battles between them.

• Combination of skills

The game allows you to improve your skills so you can survive throughout the game.

• The game has an immersive game that any player will love

• The audio-graphics are great.

• It is addictive

• Has a good story

• The game often crushes making a player difficult for long periods

• Purchases in the application make it difficult for a player to play with a player for a long time.


The game of has been praised substantially by those who love arched games. It is an epic game that keeps most players glued to their screens.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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