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How To Disable Face ID On iPhone X

Disable Face ID On iPhone X

Disable Face ID On iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X ($ 999.99 in Apple)  stole the show with its sleek new design, the lack of a home button and a host of new sensors in advance. These new sensors not only feed the Trojidip camera system but, more importantly, the security feature that replaces the touch ID (because there is no start button): Face ID.

The Face ID device is entirely different from unlocking the face found on most Android phones or the iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone ($ 729.99 on the Amazon market) and the Galaxy Note 8 ($ 930.00 on T-Mobile OSA). However, it uses a spot projector to place more than 30,000 dark spots on the face and flood lighting to view the infrared light and IR camera to read all that information. This data is used to create an accurate map of your face, in theory, a reasonably secure authentication method that will allow you fast access to your phone without having to type a password.

Apple says that Face ID on iPhone x is safer than the Touch ID, giving only one chance of a million people so someone can cancel the iPhone with his face, for a chance of 50,000 with Touch ID. It is very certain, in fact, that Apple is safe enough to use it as the authentication method for Apple’s payment.

Disable Face ID On iPhone X

However, there are other ways of worrying with biometric authentication methods. While the Fifth Amendment protects US citizens against self-incrimination, such as providing a Pin or password, biometrics do not fall under the same protection. A recent judicial case has ruled that biometrics – fingerprints, iris, or face scans – differ significantly from a blood sample and are therefore not protected under the Fifth Amendment.

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What exactly does it mean? Suppose you are in an unlikely situation (but certainly not impossible) where a police officer asks you to open your phone. You are protected from self-incrimination by giving away a simple password or between. On the other hand, even if required, you may have to unlock your phone if you use the biometric authentication method.

Previously, Apple addressed this problem by creating a shortcut to disable the touch ID: Press the power button 5x (five times). This is the same shortcut that gives you fast access to medical information and the Emergency SUS feature that calls for emergency services. After doing so, you must enter your password or PIN again to re-enable the touch ID.

Craig Federergy of Apple explained how this would work with Face ID on iPhone X in a recent interview with Tech Updates.

Instead of pressing the power button 5 times, you can just press both sides of the phone by pressing the volume control button and the power button. I will hold them for a short while opening the same emergency screen as the previous iPhone and disable Face ID (until re-entering the password or between).

There are other ways that ID Id will also be disabled:

  • If you restart the phone
  • If you have not unlocked the iPhone X device in more than 48 hours using the Face ID device
  • If there are 5 failed attempts to unlock using Face ID on iPhone x
  • If you have not unlocked your phone with an access code or at all within six and a half days, and if you have not unlocked your Face ID on iPhone x within 4 hours
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Federergy also explains that, like the Touch ID, Face ID on iPhone x can be completely disabled if you prefer to use a standard access code. If the touch ID is any indicator, you can selectively select when Face can be used to authenticate. You can use the touch identifier to unlock the iPhone device, document Apple’s purchases and purchases on App Store and iTunes.


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