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Steps To Avoid And Detect Fake Apps On Android Play Store

detect fake apps on android

Hi friends, today I will tell you five methods on how to avoid and detect fake apps on Android. You can detect fake apps in the Google Play Store. Users can quickly identify fake applications on Android using these simple methods. You can identify and prevent them from downloading these fake applications in the Google Play Store. Users can create their list of fake apps in the Google Play Store.

Have you ever been called a fake application on the Google Play Store? If so, then you are in the perfect place. In this article, I’m going to show you to detect fake apps on Android Google Play Store, which is a widespread problem. There are many applications available on the Google Play Store that are not from verified developers and are made only to steal user data. Therefore, I have discussed an easy way to detect fake apps on Android Google Play Store. Let’s look at the guide below.

How to detect and avoid fake apps on Android Google Play Store

The method I have mentioned is straightforward and is based on the fact that you must analyze yourself. We will take the help of some factors that will tell us the reality of an Android application in the Google Play Store. Using this guide in the future, you can quickly judge which application is official and which application is false.

  1. Name of the application and name of the developer

detect fake apps

The most common in a fake application is that the name of the fake applications will be the same as the official name of the application. We can take an example of the WhatsApp messaging application. The fake application will also use the official name of the application to be real. I like Facebook Messenger instead of Facebook Messenger. And also verify the name of the developer under the name of the application. People can create several applications with the same name. But they can not match the same developer name. Be sure to download the same similar application by checking the name of the corresponding developer. Then, you can detect fake apps on Android using this as well.

2. Developer’s name

Few of the towns verify the name of the developer to verify if the application is genuine or not where they fail. But, it is possible to detect fake applications on Android by the name of an application developer. However, if you have any questions about the developer’s name, you can search for it on Google. In official applications, you will see well-known names of application developers but, sometimes in fake applications, it will be similar to the official application.

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3. Download rate

fake apps

The download rates of an official application such as WhatsApp, Facebook are very high. They have millions of facilities. But, in fake applications, you will only be able to see some installations. Users rarely install them. Therefore, you can get an idea that this application is not very popular since it is compared with the official application and is a 100% false application. It will indicate that the application is suitable for you to install it or not.

4. Screenshots


Detecting fake apps on Android with screenshots is the best way. Fake developers cannot use the screenshot of the official application because it will hit a copyright problem in your application. Then, they use their screenshots, and that screen capture will counteract them. Screenshots of official applications look like a professional screenshot, but screenshots of fake applications do not.

5. Review and Ratings


The reviews are the incredible thing that will help detect fake apps on Android. When a user installs a fake application and realizes that the application is false, the user leaves his opinion on the review page. It helps a lot to the future users to determine if the application is false or not, and gives them an idea of ​​what the application is like. By reading a review 5-6, you can get an idea of ​​the application you were going to install.

Last words on how to detect and avoid fake apps on Android Google Play Store
Therefore, in this way, we can quickly detect fake applications in Android Google Play Store. However, not just one way will help you identify fake applications on Android. You have to use the five ways I mentioned above. By using all of these methods, you will detect fake Android applications very quickly and accurately. Be sure to tell your friends about the recognition of fake Android apps by sharing this article.

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