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Delete Photos On Facebook With This Easy Guide

photos on facebook

Its 2011 and fishbowl cocktails are in vogue. You think that it is socially acceptable, rather, socially judicious, to upload a Facebook album, or to the double figures, relating this brave new world. That is until the time comes for job applications. Or start college. Or make friends with the in-laws on Facebook. The list goes on.In this article we’ll show you how to easily delete photos on Facebook.

Sometimes, there comes a time when the images that we upload to Facebook in the old days must be eliminated, either out of necessity, pride or simply good judgment. Fortunately, this is a relatively immediate task to achieve on Facebook (unlike, for example, to eliminate your profile, a process that insists on a 14-day waiting period “just in case” you change your mind).

As always, there is a warning: you can only delete photos on Facebook that you have uploaded. If you’re not happy with a photo that someone else has uploaded, there are a lot of options you can take, from informing it, to hiding it from your timeline (if it’s a particularly unflattering photo of you), or simply resorting to the good old-fashioned diplomacy (begging the charger to eliminate the offensive image).

Meanwhile, if you are looking to delete photos on facebook that you have uploaded to Facebook, look no further than our quick and easy guide.

How to delete photos on Facebook

  1. Click on the offensive photo. The image in question could be your profile photo, cover photo or one of an album, all of which can be accessed directly from your profile.
  2. Select Options in the menu bar below the photo.
  3. Select Delete this photo. When Facebook asks you if you are sure (so as not to start withdrawing from the site), click Delete.
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delete photos on facebook

And that is. Easy as a cake.

It is always worth noting that, once you have deleted a photo, there is no guarantee that the digital copies do not exist, either in the form of screenshots or saved images or upload them again. As Rooney Mara prophetically explains in The Social Network, “The Internet is not written in pencil, Mark [Zuckerberg] is written in ink.” Pressing that erases button is not like erasing a pencil mark that does not look good. Images can leave stains that last a lifetime, to (over) extend the metaphor.

Perhaps even more alarming, Facebook itself is quite opaque about this practice. “When you choose to delete something you share on Facebook, we remove it from the site,” explains their website, followed by an unfinished message: “Some of this information is permanently deleted from our servers.” Emphasis on the “some”.

So the moral of the story is, as always: be careful what you share online in the first place. Meanwhile, take comfort knowing that Malia ’11 album can be removed with relative ease.

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