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Create Free Xbox Live Account In Windows 10

While Xbox One could be the home of Microsoft’s gaming efforts, some of its greatest services are now also available for PC. Windows 10 is today one of the main components of the Xbox brand, which is directly linked to free Xbox Live, its network of tens of millions of players. Now you can access some of the best games and features of Xbox One from the console, all under the same account.

To get started with Xbox in Windows 10, you will need an Xbox Live profile linked to your Microsoft account. This will provide access to the entire Xbox Live network, which includes multiplayer, social functions and much more.

How to create free Xbox Live account in Windows 10

Before creating an Xbox Live profile, you must first have an existing Microsoft account linked to your copy of Windows 10. You can find the steps to link a Microsoft account with your Windows 10 product key through our in-depth guide. This will make a quicker configuration of your free Xbox Live profile.

After forming the link, you will be ready to create free Xbox Live. When using the integrated Windows 10 Xbox application, setting up a profile is simple.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard.
Write Xbox.
Open the Xbox application for Windows 10. After a brief loading period, an initial Xbox Live screen will be displayed. If a “Welcome back!” When the page is displayed, an Xbox Live profile is already linked to your Microsoft account.
Click Next to begin the configuration process.
Enter your preferred free Xbox Live Gamertag. This is a unique username to represent you on Xbox Live. Alternatively, you can choose your assigned Gamertag automatically and change it for free for the next 30 days.
Choose a “word game” for your profile. This is the profile picture that represents it on Xbox Live. After you have created your account, you can freely change your game gallery and even upload your image files.
Click Next to continue the configuration process.
Click on Play to complete the configuration process. An Xbox Live profile is now associated with your Microsoft account.

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How to sign in to an existing Xbox Live account in Windows 10

If you have an Xbox, you probably have an Xbox Live account. Before trying to recover your Xbox Live profile, make sure your Microsoft account is linked to your copy of Windows 10. We recommend using the same account linked to your Xbox Live profile to keep everything under a single set of credentials. Once configured, just follow the steps below to log in to your existing profile.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard.
Write Xbox.
Open the Xbox application for Windows 10. After a brief loading period, a “Welcome back!” the page is displayed.
Click on Play to complete the configuration process.
After setting up the Xbox application with an Xbox Live account, you will now be ready to play with Windows 10. In the future, Xbox Live-enabled games will automatically raise your account information from the Xbox application, which will allow a process of a start of a session without interruptions in all titles…

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