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How To Control Your PlayStation 4 From Your Phone

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Sony has expanded its features by allowing us to now use our phones as a controller for the PlayStation 4. The process is super simple and extremely convenient. If your controller is dead and you do not feel like getting out of bed to put your PlayStation in sleep mode to go to bed, you can make your phone do it.

This also works to reactivate your PlayStation if it goes into sleep mode while you are in a general strength you do not want to leave!

Get the application

The first thing is the first thing you want to download the official PlayStation 4 application to your phone. This app offers a lot of features, but I will show you how to use it for what I consider one of its most important functions.

Download now

Connect your phone to your PlayStation 4

  1. When you find yourself with a blue screen, enter your PlayStation Network.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, press the PlayStation symbol. This will open a small mini menu.
  3. Select “Second screen”. This will make you download another application, where you will have the option to continue in the same account where you log in to the PlayStation application.
  4. A small help screen will appear, take a moment to read it. Then, connect your phone’s Wi-Fi to the same network your PlayStation 4 is connected to!
  5. Select your PlayStation 4.

Now connect your PlayStation 4 to your phone!

  1. Go to Settings after turning on your PlayStation 4.
  2. Select PlayStation App Connection Settings.
  3. Now select Add device. Here it will show you code.
  4. Enter this code in the application of your phone so that the two can register completely.
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In the future, if you want to change the devices synchronized with your PlayStation 4, simply go to the same menu screen to add or remove devices.

Application controls


Now that everything is set up go back to your second display app. The power button in the application will allow you to put your PlayStation in sleep mode or wake it up from sleep mode!

How cool is this? Did you have a problem synchronizing your devices? Tell us in the comments below!


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