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Change IMEI Of Any Android Phone In 5 Minutes

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In this text, I will let you know the information to change IMEI of any phone without root or with Root. You have learned many articles about alteration that require root permission, but this information will work for rooted and unrooted phones.

How to change IMEI of any Android

Changing IMEI has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people change IMEI for faking some Android applications. They also change IMEI to earn cash online using different types of Android applications. IMEI is used mainly to monitor any cell phone. Each phone has its IMEI amount that helps track lost or stolen phones or hint at criminals.

Now, the query is What is the need to change the amount of IMEI on your phone? Therefore, if you change IMEI amount of your phone, it is likely that the identification of your phone will be modified. By altering IMEI, no one can observe your phone. Many Android applications can be accessed in the game store that requests the amount of IMEI from your phone. Many applications offer free recharge, or you can earn money online with these applications. But you can win only once over the phone. So, if you can change the amount of IMEI on an Android phone, then you can simply gain unlimited instances of applications.

There are many Android applications accessible at the Google Play retailer, which can simply change IMEI. However, these applications require administrator permission to operate. But I got a technique to change IMEI on Android phones without simply rooting. Therefore, learn the steps outlined below to change IMEI on unrooted Android phones. If you already rooted your Android phone, do not be afraid even to let you know the simplest methodology to change IMEI on the rooted phone, as well.

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How to change IMEI on an Android phone (rooted phones)?


Note: copy the unique IMEI number of your phone before modifying the IMEI so that, in the future, for those who want a unique IMEI, simply paste it.

To obtain the unique IMEI of your phone, simply dial * # 06 # from the dialer or you will get it from the configuration >> About the phone

1) First, you want to activate Xposed Framework on your rooted phone.

2) Now download the IMEI Changer application from here – Click here to get

three) Install the IMEI changer application on your phone.

four) Now open the Xposed installer and go to the modules and mark the IMEI changer application to activate the application and restart your machine.

5) Now open the IMEI changer application. It will present real IMEI in the present possibility of IMEI.

6) Click on New IMEI no. Possibility and type any 15-digit IMEI you need.

7) Now click on the Apply button.

eight) Now, the IMEI changer application will present you with the new IMEI amount in the current IMEI facility.

9) That’s it. Now restart your phone and try your new IMEI by dialling * # 06 #

That is the method to change IMEI in rooted Android phones.

Steps to change IMEI of the Android phone without root (MTK chipset)


Now I will inform you about the method to change IMEI on unrooted Android phones. This trick can fit in the Android units that operate in Mediatek Chipset. You can simply change the amount of IMEI using an application called Mobile Uncle Tool. Let’s start the process to change the Android IMEI without having a root entry root.

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1) First of all, you want to get the Mobile Uncle Tool application on your phone – Download here

2) Install and open the application.

3) Goto Engineer >> Engineer Mode (MTK) on the cellular uncle device.

4) Now scroll down and discover the CDS information and click on it.

5) Now click on Radio Information and after clicking you will get two options, Phone 1 and Phone 2.

6) Now click on Phone 2 and you will get a new possibility AT +

7) Now substitute AT + with AT + <house> Your 15 digit IMEI number

For example, AT + 123456789012345
eight) Finally, click Send AT command.

Now you have efficiently modified your IMEI amount. If you need to verify, simply dial * # 06 # from your phone’s dialer.

Note: this trick is only for the instruction function. Please do not use it for illegal actions. We are not responsible if damage occurs. Well, every process has been examined by me and it works.

Conclusion: in this text, I shared about the change of IMEI of Android phone without root. I hope you discover that it is useful for you. Keep visiting our weblog to get updated ideas and tips.


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