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Change Google Play Country With This Simple Guide

change google play country

There may be few Android users who have learned about a new application or exciting game, only to be disappointed to discover that it is not available in their country. There were several ways to avoid this, including the APK download from unofficial sources, but now Google has introduced a way to do it officially. Just change your play store country, in order to know how to change google play country just read the guide below.

An update to the Google Play Store sees the addition of a new “Country and profiles” option that makes it much easier to get Android apps from other regions. This is what you need to know.

While Google seems to make it easier for people to change countries to download applications, it is not, for the time being, a feature that will be available to everyone. The company says that the option should be used “only when you move to a new country,” but realistically there is nothing that prevents you from using it the way you want.

How to Change google play country

  1. Open Play Store on your smartphone, touch the menu on the left and go to the account.
  2. If the new country change option is available to you, you should see a Country heading and profiles at the bottom of the list.
  3. Touch this option and then you will be presented with a list of countries ready for you to select.
  4. Select your preferred country, touch it and start the download.

So now you know how to change google play country, please drop your comments below.

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