5 Best Windows 10 S Programs To Make Your PC More Useful

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Windows 10 s programs: These are some of the best hand-picked apps for Windows 10 S that you can use across devices, from fun photo editing to seriously powerful conversion tools – these are the best bundles.

Windows 10 S is the latest operating system from Microsoft. This is designed to optimize Windows 10 experience, allowing users to run faster while using less power – ideal for tablets and laptops. It also comes with the BitLocker encryption from Microsoft for more security. And most importantly, apps are restricted by strict security and data protection protocols, which should make your laptop less vulnerable to malware.

The catch? Users are restricted to Microsoft apps that are found only in the Windows Store. But do not be annoyed with this selection of apps you should run in no time and run.

We’ve selected 10 of the most useful Windows apps that work with Windows 10 S and go beyond the obvious decisions like Netflix. Could you rely on this alone and leave full Windows 10 behind?





Key Features:

Stream files when downloaded
Advanced download management
Price: £ 6.69


Torrex Pro is a paid torrent app that is frequently updated and easy to use.

What is good?

Downloading files is super easy, and there’s even a native search option within Torrex Pro so you can find your favorite open source programs and royalty-free movies. This is a sleek app that runs very smoothly.

There is also a built-in media player that allows you to watch a video before it’s even finished – a nice touch for checking the quality or a stream-like experience.

Perhaps the best feature is that the app is constantly updated and the developers are new features all the time – as well as troubleshooting.

What is bad?

The search is a little basic and brings you to a browser-based window instead of a search page integrated into the program. The design could also be a little cleaner.

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A fast and efficient way to download, preview, and watch torrents from multiple devices.




Key Features:

  • Huge codec support
  • Network Streaming
    Price: Free

Unlike some video players that are limited to certain video types, VLC is built to play everything. If you have a strange, old, or generally rare codec that no other player can manage, VLC will be there to play it for you.

What is good?

VLC is easy to use, frequently updated and there is rarely a file that can not play it. You can get it up to network streams from your NAS, and organize your media library

What is bad?

The interface is very simple and does not feel as advanced as the full version of Windows.


One of the best mediaplayers out there



Key Features:

  • Annotating, signing and commenting
  • Document Management
  • Online collaboration
    Price: Free

You can read PDF files from the Windows 10 standard browser edge, but this is only useful if you do not want to edit. Signing a document or completing a PDF form requires uploading to a browser-based service, which can be a faff. Here Xodo comes in.

What is good?

From signing with a stored signature to comment on documents, you can make it quick and easy with Xodo. The layout is clear and simple, with easy accessible menu buttons over the top. You can even open multiple documents at the same time with a handy tab-based system.

The app also supports pictures so you can take a document with your phone or tablet and it will make it into a PDF easy – a really useful addition that we were pleasantly surprised.

What is bad?

Stylus support is functional, but very simple, but that’s a small handle with such a great app.

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An extensive PDF reader, creator and editor, which is free and does not offer any ads. A one-stop shop for everything PDF.




Key Features:

  • One-click Fixes
  • Advanced features
    Review price: £ 59.49

This is the dad of image editing tools for all of Selfie Tweakers to professional graphic designers. Photoshop Elements 15 is available on the Windows Store as a way to provide full-power editing on different devices. From cropping and red-eye reduction to environments and layer masks.

What is good?

You can really deepen deep into the control options in Photoshop Elements 15 if you know what you are doing. Likewise, you can really enjoy simple and fast “one-click fixes” that are ideal to balance the brightness or improve the color – a bit like a more detailed version of Instagram filters. Oh yes, there are many filters, including a creepy smile that makes every face happier – the joker would be proud. Or if you want to get more deep, but do not know how, this app will even lead you through the process.

What is bad?

Some of the more in-depth techniques are not easy to grasp. You may need to spend a bit of time reading and tutorials to get the most out of this app. But this guide gives you a sense of progress where older versions of this app may have fear of beginners.


This is the best image processing software in the Windows Store. In fact, it could be the best software for editing images over platforms. Sure, it’s expensive, but for what you get there is a serious bang for your dollar.



Key Features:

  • Play network video, music, and view images
  • Automatic deck artimportations
    Rating: Free to download; £ 3.89 to unlock network playback
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Plex is one of the best options out there for streaming media across devices. More importantly, it is a great way to get your content on your big screen at home. This is a network-based service that allows you to take content from one device – say your PC – and play it on another as your TV while you control it from your phone. It’s a really handy way to see somewhere without the fiber to transfer files.

What is good?

It just works. Plex has been around for years, which proves how good it works – despite this fact, it is able to convert almost any type of data, so it will play on other devices. The video you have downloaded on your PC via your Smart TV does not require it to be converted, it just flows over your network.

What is bad?

The app seems to be free, but in reality you have to pay £ 3.89 to play files for more than a minute from a Plex server. But this is a small price for such a great app to pay.


For network video and music playback, this is the best free option out there right now. If you want a way to vacation snaps from your mobile phone on the big screen, then you also have covered. It’s now on so many devices and works with almost all file types – it’s really idiotic.

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