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Best Way To Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone

delete duplicate photos on iphone

Although iPhone is trying to give its users a lot of space on their device, the truth is that most of the time, we run out of space. Sometimes, we do not even realize the things that are consuming space on our iOS device. Very often, we end up eliminating applications just to make room. But you need to know that many other things consume space on your iOS. Keeping duplicate photos on your iOS device also consumes a lot of storage space on your iOS phone. So in this article, we’ll teach you how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone.

Although you always have the option to delete duplicate photos on iPhone manually, it is a tedious task. Instead of taking things in your hands, you can look for an application that can do things for you. The most popular application to delete duplicate photos on iPhone is Dr. Cleaner. This application can be downloaded for free on your iOS device.

Dr. Cleaner will automatically scan the gallery of your phone and then identify the duplicate photos. After identifying duplicate images, the application will be presented with the list, and then you can choose the photos you want to delete from your phone. By having this application, you can quickly identify duplicate photos without manually going through the scanning process.

How to delete duplicate photos on iPhone?

Now that you know that Dr. Cleaner will do everything for you let me give you a quick guide to using the application. The first thing you should do is download and install Dr. Cleaner on your iOS device. After you are done with this, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Start the Dr. Cleaner application and then touch the ‘Photos’ tab.

Step 2: Touch the ‘Start’ tab that is red.

Step 3: If you are starting the application for the first time, you will have to grant access to the application to review the photos. If you have used the app before, you can go directly to the next step.

Step 4: Additional photos identified by the application will be displayed in thumbnails. You can scan it superficially or you can open the image manually to make sure everything is fixed.

Step 5: Touch the circle icon to select the photos you want to delete and then touch the “Clean” tab.

Dr. Cleaner will now delete the selected photos and leave space available on your device. Also, you will be notified of the amount of space that the application removes.


Dr. Cleaner is a fantastic application when it comes to identifying duplicate photos. However, remember to verify that you are only deleting duplicate photos. You, of course, do not want to lose any photos accidentally. You can also choose to manually clean your phone’s cache from time to time to free up more space on your device…


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