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Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps On Android 2017

best bitcoin wallet apps

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps On Android

How To Buy Bitcoins In 2017


Bitcoin is an unusual and revolutionary technology, and with this, there are a lot of last stories that surround the currency. If you are looking to get involved with this exciting and unique technology and start using bitcoin, then you will need to download a bitcoin portfolio. In the past, people could undermine their bitcoin in the country of their computer. However, as technology has become more accessible, it has become harder to mine bitcoin. It is now required that people use specialized computer hardware for mining. For this very reason, instead of mining bitcoin, many people are buying directly from bitcoin brokers and exchanges. To buy and store bitcoin, users need a bitcoin wallet. The wallet can be stored on individual phones or your desk. However, users with Apple mobile phones may find it difficult to find a suitable bitcoin portfolio; the brand is well known for being cautious with bitcoin and have previously retired application store collections.

How does a bitcoin wallet work?

best bitcoin wallet apps

There are slight differences between the mobile and desktop bitcoin portfolios. Desktop portfolios are usually included with bitcoin software, but you can also download a separate wallet if you prefer. Although bitcoin desktop folders are useful and have their merits, mobile wallets are much more convenient. This is because they allow users to make payments for things that use bitcoin when they are on the move. In general, a bitcoin portfolio works similarly to online banking. You can run the application on your mobile phone and use it to make payments. Making payments for bitcoin payments from your phone has become easier as technology has advanced, it is even possible to make purchases in the application with bitcoin now. When you start using bitcoin for the first time, you will need to make sure you have registered for a unique bitcoin address; this allows all your bitcoin transactions to be stored under your unique ID.

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In the past, Coinbase was the most attractive option for storing bitcoin safely and efficiently. However, Coinbase is not technically a bitcoin portfolio. It is an exchange with the ease of maintaining bitcoins. There are a lot of better options available to store bitcoins on your mobile phone although it is important to remember that you should not store significant amounts of currency on your phone in case you get hacked or lose access to the wallet.

Android has been known to be revolutionary when it comes to all kinds of technology, with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 making waves into the industry and looking to eclipse the ever popular iPhone. This is also the case when it comes to Bitcoin since unlike the iPhone, Bitcoin wallets have been consistently available in the Play Store. Here are some of the best bitcoin wallets currently available for Android phones and tablets.

4 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

  1. Samourai Wallet

This is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps because it is ideal for privacy and offers an easy to use interface. It is perfect for first-time buyers of bitcoin or those who are concerned about their safety. The enhanced security features of this portfolio include military-grade encryption, PIN login, and individual bitcoin addresses for each purchase. Do not reuse bitcoin addresses means that the transaction data remains more anonymous than it would be with other bitcoin folders. This allows people to keep their privacy when buying items using bitcoin.


Breadwallet is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps because it is a direct bitcoin portfolio. It is an uncomplicated solution for people looking to try to send and receive bitcoin on their mobile phone. There is no intimidating technical language, although of course, you will need a basic understanding of how bitcoin works. The basic idea behind bread wallet is to give users the ability to control their transactions and eliminate hidden fees and limited banking hours.

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If for some reason, you need your bitcoin wallet to be accessible on many different devices, Copay is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps for you. The co-pay is a multi-line wallet, which means you can have multiple people signing transactions. This makes the Copay portfolio an ideal choice for individuals who are using cryptography within their business. There are some different ways you can use Copay; it is not only designed for business use. The average user of the bitcoin portfolio can also use Copay.

4. Airbitz

If you know you are going to spend bitcoin regularly, instead of just storing it for use at a later date, as many people choose, you will need a portfolio that is capable of coping with frequent use.
Airbitz is ideal. It has several add-ons that make the spending of bitcoins easier and updated at the end of last year to correct errors and support Android Fingerprint along with other features. These functions include folding integration, which allows you to purchase gift cards within the app for favorite stores such as Starbucks and Target. Another feature is the biterefil integration that lets you recharge your mobile phone from within the wallet, which is particularly useful if you are on a pay-per-use contract.

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