Best Android Apps To Help You Watch The Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Total Solar Eclipse To Hit The Earth

Total Solar Eclipse To Hit The Earth

Best Android Apps To Help You Watch The Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse: On Monday, August 21, the moon will temporarily intersect with the sun, causing a total solar eclipse for part of the United States. If you live near the road of the whole or not, a solar eclipse is relatively rare that it will be worth taking the few minutes to see it happen.

Here are three apps, available on both Android and iOS, that will help you plan and see the solar eclipse on August 21.


Smithsonian Eclipse 2017

If you are not near the path of totality, you can still see a partial solar eclipse from your location. But you can also watch NASA’s live stream of total eclipse from your phone with the Smithsonian Eclipse 2017 application (Android, iOS).

The total solar eclipse of the Exploratorium (Android, iOS) will provide five simultaneous live streams of the eclipse: one with comments from Exploratorium educators and NASA scientists, one hosted by Exploratorium educators in Spanish, two unreported visions of telescopes Oregon and Wyoming and one with live music from the Kronos Quartet.

In the Total Solar Eclipse application, you will also find additional information on eclipses and informative videos.

Eclipse Solar Timer

This application will tell you the percentage of the eclipse that you should see from your location, the weather forecast for the afternoon and provides an interactive map that shows the way of the whole. In this interactive map, you can touch to drop a pin and view the eclipse event calendar for that location.

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Total solar eclipse

If you plan to be in the path of totality, one of the most useful applications will be the Solar Eclipse Timer app (Android, iOS). It’s not nice, but it will guide you through the different phases of a total eclipse with audible signals and countdown timers for the four different points of contact.

Just open the application, tap Verify Position, and then click Get My Location. Using its GPS coordinates, it will load the correct times for the contact points, estimate the duration of the totality and go through the eclipse. If you are out of the way of totality, Solar Eclipse Timer will not work.

Solar Eclipse Timer is $ 1.99 in both the App Store and Google Play.

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