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9 Unique Ways Travel Bloggers Can Make Money

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Getting to travel the world a few weeks a year is something that most of us spend time dreaming and intriguing.

However, the idea of making money with these adventures is a concept that very few of us think seriously.

Being able to travel the world a few weeks is something that most of us spend time dreaming and intriguing.

However, the idea of making money with these adventures is a concept that very few of us think seriously.

But Business Insider has shown that it is possible to interview an Australian couple who earn between US $ 2,000 and US $ 6,000 a month while roaming the Earth.

Beginning their backpacking adventures in 2014, Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford run the travel blog NOMADasaurus, a brand that generates money in 9 unique ways.

Our partners took a look at these different methods and how they allow this couple to keep their dreams of passion for travel.

Ways to make money as a travel blogger


Affiliated associations

This is where travel bloggers link to retail websites within their blog. Then they can take a cut when readers follow these links and continue shopping.

NOMADasaurus can earn between US $ 100 and US $ 1000 per month from references to travel products such as hotels and insurance.

Press Trips

These are trips in which companies and travel organizations pay bloggers to experience their services and share them with readers.

NOMADasaurus charges US $ 2,000 for a press trip that, according to Salem, is a fairly standard amount: some bloggers can earn up to $ 9,000 in just one trip.

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But then these writers are exceptions to the rule and, in general, those who have been in the industry since the onset, he says.

Sponsored campaigns

This is a similar approach to traditional advertising in which money is generated through advertising banners or publications on social networks about products and services.

“A startup will contact us and ask us if we will write a publication about what they do,” says Salem. “Those start at $ 50, but our range is $ 800 to $ 1500. Normally we limit it to a publication and maybe some mentions in other articles, if possible, we always test the product before promoting it.”

Freelance writing

Mr. Salem works independently for a variety of travel sites where he can earn from US $ 50 to US $ 500.

Promotion on social networks

You can pay travel bloggers to manage the Instagram or Twitter account of a company and then post their photos and thoughts.

Twitter chats, in particular, give them the opportunity to hold conversations with readers, something that NOMADasaurus can earn up to $ US750.

Photography and videography

Mr. Salam and Ms. Bradford use photography and videography as a key revenue stream, and many companies chase them to take pictures.

“If it’s exclusive photos of your tour or whatever, we charge $ 1000 per day and get all the photos,” said Salem. “Buying a photo is $ 100 to $ 750 per photo, depending on what they want to use it for.”

Digital products

E-books and online courses can provide a form of continuous income: Mr. Salem is currently writing an e-book on travel blogs. This could sell between US $ 15 and $ 20 per copy.

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Google Adsense

This is a way to get ads on websites that Google pays bloggers.

However, this is not an excellent source of revenue with a high volume of traffic required for bloggers to see significant gains.

Brand ambassadorships 

You can pay bloggers to represent companies through the use of social networks. NOMADsaurus is currently in discussions with an adventure clothing company that could pay between $ 1000 and $ 2000 per month.


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