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5 Ways To Avoid Android Malware 2017

avoid android malware

avoid android malware

Ways To Avoid Android Malware

How to avoid Android malware: Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why particular Android malware is the most common. There is another reason Android users are more likely: Android allows you to install applications from any source, not just from one official store, as with iOS.

On the one hand, this gives Android users a wider range of applications. On the contrary, it harms security because anyone can write the application and distribute it to all kinds of channels, be it app stores, ads, or discussion boards – name them. Getting an infected Android device is the easiest thing in the world. But there are also ways to minimize risk. Here are five basic rules to follow to avoid android malware problems.

1. Download apps from Google Play only

Google has a complete, costly management of applications that expire in Google Play. Admittedly, malware still manages to find its way into the store. However, the risk of downloading malware from the official Google Store is much lower compared to any other source; Google repeats the bulk of malware before it reaches users.

Other stores may also trust, as long as they are large and well known and have a policy of not accepting dubious applications from developers. However, the workflow is safer. However, it will disable the installation of applications from third-party sources in Android settings. By doing this, you will keep your device safe from the majority of trojans that are spread through advertisements and third party sites.

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To do this, switch between the Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources option.

2. Select Applications from trusted developers

A large company with a famous brand takes care not to distribute malware and defame its reputation, which is why it is safer to download applications from well-known developers. You can search for the full name of the developer, list of published applications, and contact details in the expanded application description in the Google Play Store.

3. Check the rating and read user comments

The high application rating in the store is the hallmark of a good, useful, and safe application. Must still adopt a cautious approach, however: sometimes scammers use Trojans to promote application ratings and post fake user comments.

This is why the high application rating is not enough. User reviews are another essential element. Find out if they seem to have been written by real people, not walking. Trojan generated reviews are often favorable and simply worded. There are several following matching reviews, another red marker. In the case of trusted and genuinely popular applications, ratings rarely reach five points, and their user reviews are often detailed. It is also likely to reflect some negative comments posted by users trying to contact the developer for a solution to the application’s problems.

4. Pay attention to application request permissions during installation

System Permissions is a robotic protection mechanism that controls how freely applications get. Permissions are used by applications to access specific functions and data (applications can do very little if permission is not granted).

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Read our blog post to see what kind of permissions can be dangerous and what risks they pose. The most common risks involve the application’s ability to collect your data (location, contacts, and personal files) and perform certain operations such as taking pictures or recording audio, sending messages, and so forth.

Before installing the application, carefully review the specific permissions that you request and evaluate these claims reasonably: Does the app need these permissions – and why? Do requests for permission in all suspicious? In Android 6.0 or later, you can also review, grant, or revoke permissions in your device settings.

5. Use a reliable security solution

Whatever you’re going to download, make sure your device has a reliable security solution. There are two versions of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: Basic Free Edition, which allows you to manually scan applications and the expanded version, which is automatically scanned.

An enlightened approach is what all these rules share. Before installing the application, ask yourself: do you need it? Do you trust its source? Do their requests appear reasonable? If you approach application selection with common sense and some education on security issues, you will not have to worry about ease of use and digital safety.


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