5 Best Android Remote Control App

Best Android Remote Control App

Best Android Remote Control App

Best Android Remote Control App

Android Remote Control App: Earlier we wrote on how to control another android device from yours well in this article, I’ll show you how to use an Android phone or tablet as a remote control. Instead of paying for an expensive universal remote, try this list of the best Android remote control app. Some phones are equipped with an Infrared Blaster, but if not, most of these apps also work with WiFi.

With our help, you can use your Android phone as a remote control for your TV, cable or satellite receiver, home theater receiver, air conditioner or heater, media player and other home appliances.

There are tons of apps on Google Play Store that is “universal remotes” but many of them just do not work very well, or you bombard ads. That said, if you are looking for a better and more comfortable experience, we have you covered. Also, we recommend applications directly to brands such as LG that work correctly with their HDTVs and their devices.

Now, before you start, it should be noted that there are some limitations to taking advantage of these applications. You will need a phone or tablet with an integrated IR Blaster, similar to most ordinary remotes. Some of them include the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, S6, and many other phones Huawei, LG, and ZTE. Here is a complete list of supported Android devices.

If your Android phone or tablet does not have an IR blaster, most of these apps work via WiFi. So long as you have a smart TV, a refrigerator, an air conditioner or other devices, they should work. But if not, companies like LG and Vizio offer their apps. Even Google has an application to control any Android TV. You have a lot of different options.

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That said, here is a list which contains some of the best Android remote control apps, and links to download them.

List Of Best Android Remote Control App

  • Peel Remote Control app
  • Universal remote control TV
  • Galaxy Universal Remote
  • Android TV remote control app
  • Mi Remote Control app

These are not in any particular order but are some of the best apps we have found. Most of them work with IR or WiFi, and automatically know the codes needed to control a TV. Otherwise, they will scan the custom lists for you and find it after a short wait. In this way, there is no code entry from your old remote manual and hoping that it works. Try these apps today.

Peel Remote Control app

One of the first applications that come to mind is Peel. You’ve probably seen their app preinstalled on your Samsung, LG or HTC smartphone or tablet in recent years. And while the company has several different remote applications for specific devices, like Sony, the Peel Universal Smart TV remote is probably your best bet.

This app does a little bit of everything. It controls almost any device you can imagine as long as your phone as an IR blaster. They have an extensive database of remote codes and devices, so you will always be able to find your device.

Download Peel remote control for free below

Price: $0.00

Universal remote control TV

Universal TV Remote Control from Codemasters is one of the highest rated remote control applications on the Google Play Store. Mainly because they have an excellent easy-to-use remote control, a clean interface and the app works hassle-free. Not to mention that it’s not filled with 15 ads like other remote apps.

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This app works with LG, Google Chromecast, Roku devices, Android and Apple TV, and more. Just connect to the same WiFi, find the device and leave. This includes built-in Google Cast.

Then, if you have an IR Blaster, it’s even better because they have a massive database of supported devices. The best part is no need to install. Just select your TV brand and start using the remote control. He does all the work. And if he does not find your device, send an email to the developer, and he will add it.

Download Universal remote control for free below


Galaxy Universal Remote

Next is Galaxy Universal Remote. This first hit the Google Store for the Galaxy S4 but has since developed into a universal remote control quite capable for a lot of devices.

The best part of Galaxy Remote is the customization. You can record each remote at a time, or create a custom remote that controls all your devices from a single screen.

Also, the controls “Macro” are incredible. This allows you to save a set of sequences or button taps, which do several things in a row. A good example is: turn on your TV, turn on the receiver, wait 2 seconds, go to ESPN, and turn up the volume to 25. All this happens with ONE tap.

That alone is worth the $ 3.99 asking price for this excellent remote. Keep in mind that this works with devices that have an IR blaster. It does not support WiFi controls.

If the app can not find your device, a scan feature quickly goes through a massive list until your device turns on or off. Keep things simple for you.

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Download Galaxy remote control for free below

Price: $0.00

Android TV remote control app

Best Android Remote Control App

These days, we are starting to see more and more Android TV devices and TVs. Whether it’s the Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield, a third-party box or a Sony BRAVIA TV with built-in Android TV. If you have an Android TV device, control it with an Android smartphone or tablet using the Google app.

Directly from Google comes Android TV Remote Control. It’s quite simple and only works great for controlling Android TV devices. There are the usual up / down, selection buttons, pause/play, home, a D-Pad for games, and a touchpad. Everything you will need for Android TV.

Although this application is excellent and extremely easy to use, it only works with Android TV via WiFi. So, it’s not as universal as the rest, but does what it’s supposed to do exceptionally well.

Mi Remote Control app

Another option is the Mi remote. This app was made by Xiaomi for its Mi smartphones and tablets and works pretty well. However, it will work with any other phone or tablet with an infrared blaster, not just with Xiaomi devices.

This makes it instantly a decent option for those looking for a universal remote for Android. According to the company, most devices with an IR blaster work very well. If you do not have one, the WiFi protocol comes into play. Just make sure your phone and the device you want to control have the same WiFi, device search, connection, and ready.

It even works with TV programming and other advanced controls. Try it today.



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