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3 Easy Steps To Delete Your Tinder Account

tinder account

Fed up with the gamification of dating? Do you feel that Tinder is not the best place to find The One? Discover how to delete tinder account.

Admit it, deep down you got tired of the surface applications of partial quotations. You have moved aimlessly to the left and the right in so many profiles that you are suffering a repetitive strain injury and now you want to be shown where it all started: Tinder.

But how do you do that? Contrary to popular belief, holding the application down until it shakes and clicking on the small “x” icon does not eliminate Tinder. Eliminating your account and saying goodbye to the application is always what you should do.

Whether you’re fed up with the gamification of dating, you feel that Tinder is not the best place to find The One, since it almost gave all hackers access to your hackers, or you’re loved and you no longer have a need to This is how to delete your Tinder account in three easy steps.

How to delete your Tinder account

  •  Open Tinder and touch ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Application Settings’ and scroll down until you reach the bottom
  •  Touch “Delete account.”

Congratulations, you are now free of tinder. Although it is advisable to remember that eliminating your Tinder account will not cancel your Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription, so you will still be charged.

How to cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold

For all former Tinder serial obsessives, yes, we assume you have already gotten rid of them, follow these steps to cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, since deleting your account will not automatically cancel your subscription to Tinder premium services.

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How to cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold on iOS

1. Open the App Store application and go to the bottom.
2. Touch your Apple ID and select ‘View Apple ID.’
3. Log in to your Apple ID account.
4. Scroll down and touch ‘Subscriptions.’
5. Select your Tinder subscription and select ‘Unsubscribe.’

How to cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold on Android

1. Open the Google Play Store app.
2. Press Menu> My Apps> Subscriptions.
3. Touch Tinder to cancel your Tinder Plus subscription.


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