3 Best Programs To Speed Up Your PC

The way Windows handles software is far from perfect. Every time you install a program, parts of it are scattered throughout your system, and the result is a slower PC.

You have probably found this; After a year, computers tend to feel clogged and slow. The internal parts have not necessarily degraded; they are still as capable as the day you bought the PC, your software is the culprit. This even applies to programs that you have already uninstalled, which leave traces of themselves as garbage after a particularly fine picnic.

It is not surprising, then, that the primary method to accelerate a system is to clean it thoroughly. Remove artifacts from previous programs and eliminate the waste of time from Windows in search of things you will never find.

But there is more to a fast system than an orderly hard drive. Many subtle adjustments can be made to Windows itself that lead to a more cunning experience.

We select the five best tools to accelerate a disorderly PC cleaning garbage and optimizing its configuration with a minimum of hassles. All these programs are available in free and premium versions. Free editions are usually light issues that focus on removing temporary files and cookies, while their paid counterparts have powerful extras such as malware protection and scheduled cleanup. The choice is yours.

Programs To Speed Up Your PC

  1. IObit Advanced SystemCare

Increase the speed and security of your PC with just a few clicks

  • Extensive toolkit
  • labeled search results
  • Affordable premium edition
  • Security Toolkit

IObit Advanced SystemCare has a dual focus, aimed at both general PC clutter and security threats.

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The free version of the software covers the basics, with fast system scanning, one-click protection from hacking, performance monitoring and the ability to capture the faces of potential intruders automatically with FaceID.

All these are excellent tools, well designed and easy to use, but to get all the benefits, you must invest in the premium edition of the software. IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is one of the most affordable cleaning tools. A one-year license costs $23.99 / £17.71AU / $30.64, and it brings with it some additional features that include startup optimization, automatic updates, and performance monitoring.

For just a little more, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate offers a complete security suite to protect your PC from malware and viruses. It includes protection against ransomware that detects changes of unauthorized files in real time and blocks them before their data can be encrypted, even if it is a new type of threat that has never been encountered before.

Some of the IObit Advanced SystemCare tools will have a negligible effect on system performance unless it is disappearing, but your deep scans will yield many potential improvements that can make a tangible difference in system performance. We especially appreciate the clear labeling of the results of the analysis so that users can make an informed decision about what to keep and discard.

Download  IObit Advanced SystemCare tools Below

2. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

It guides you through the process of speeding up your PC

  • Fast system scans
  • Detailed scan results
  • Affordable premium edition
  • No anti-malware tools
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer (so called because it cleans your PC ‘like shampoo’) is one of the most accessible tools to speed up your PC, and it is an excellent option if you have never used a system optimization tool before.

Click on ‘Start search’ and scan your units to detect possible problems and divide the results into three categories: cleaning (junk files), optimization (Internet configuration) and protection (history and records). You can solve these problems with a single click or click on the “Details” button to get more information.

This is where Ashampoo WinOptimizer shines. Instead of just presenting you with an impenetrable list of file names, it will guide you through each problem individually, offering a brief description, an explanation of how it might be affecting the performance of your PC and a recommended course of action. It is refreshing to see an interface that has been carefully designed with accessibility in mind.

There is also the usual package of defragmentation, uninstallation and startup administration tools (grouped in the ‘Modules’ tab), but the main scanner is where this software shines.

At the time of writing this article, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 Premium has a discount of US $9.99/£8.74 /AU$17.49 for a one-year license for a PC. This includes an additional game booster, faster scans, Windows 10 privacy controls and an SSD tuning wizard.

Download Premuim Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 Below


3. Iolo System Mechanic

The free edition is solid, but the premium version shines

  • Fast and deep scans
  • Detailed scan results
  • Test version protects against malware
  • Expensive premium edition
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Whether you go for the premium or free edition, Iolo System Mechanic is one of the best tools to streamline your PC and eliminate unwanted files.

System Mechanic offers two types of scanning: Fast and deep. The first option identifies the most common problems (including temporary files, browser history, and registry entries). The in-depth analysis goes deeper and has the potential to generate more results, but takes several minutes. Their results may differ, but in our experience, both presented a similar number of problems.

Clicking on the ‘Details’ link provides a wealth of information about the problems identified and the reasons why you may want to remove them, although it is not as simple as Ashampoo Winoptimizer.

Iolo System Mechanic Professional is the most expensive of the PC acceleration tools here, at $69.95/£69.95/AU$89.32 for a one-year license, although it covers all the PCs in your home instead of just one. It is also much more than a system optimizer; Includes dual-engine malware protection, data recovery, secure file deletion and many more extras.

If you are considering buying an antimalware tool to complement your antivirus, it is worth adding Iolo System Mechanic to your favorites list.

Note: you’ll be asked to send an email address during registration, but Iolo does not share it with third parties.

Download Iolo System Mechanic Below


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