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LG V30 Review,Price And Specs

lg v30

LG V30 Review

lg v30

LG V30: You may not realize it, but 1 in 10 people you meet today on the street probably have a smartphone made by LG. Unlike Samsung and Apple, LG is not a master at marketing. For one, I’ve never heard a good reason why LG named his phone the LG V30. It’s a strange nickname that does not attract your attention. But that’s how things are with LG – it could be the best camera in the world, and not name it.

The LG V30 is not likely to jump on you on a crowded shop shelf, but it’s secretly one of the best Android phones you can buy.

Two years ago, LG’s V10 dared to look different. He had a rubber back, and large metal flanges, designed to help him resist falls like no one else. It was cumbersome, but you did not need a case for it – an innovative idea in the era of fragile phones. The LG V30 is much more eager to blend. It is covered with glass at the front and back with curved edges, which is just 2017. And a high-resolution OLED screen (2,880 x 1,440 pixels) that covers most of his face.

I would say that a side-by-side screen is also 2017, except that LG was one of the first phone makers to shrink its glasses and put its home button on the back. Shined up, the anodized metal covers the sides, which is supposed to help the phone take a fall, but with all that glass, pray not to let it fall. Unless you are standing near a pool because it is waterproof (IP68).

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Even in my pocket, his glass scratched in a few days. I recommend a case with shock protection and a lip to protect the screen (this case Spigen is particularly resistant if you like the style). There was a strange coating on the back glass that also bothered me. It seemed to turn my fingerprints into small particles, or junk, that I felt forced to wipe a few times. It’s not worse than a pile of footprints covering the glass, but it’s one thing.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which has placed its fingerprint sensor next to its rear camera, the LG button is easy to find, and much faster to use, thanks to its dual power button. It’s a nice phone to hold, despite having a 6-inch screen, and the volume keys are quite easy to reach. I found myself wishing that the audio jack was down, not up, for secure storage, but I’m glad to see a headphone jack at all! Competitors have all abandoned this proven port.

LG has a particularly good reason to keep a headphone jack. This phone is equipped with a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad digital-to-analog converter (DAC). As I do most of my listening on Spotify, I could not notice a difference when LG Hi-Fi was turned on, even in Extreme quality, but I think the audio from the phone seems exceptionally clear. If you are listening to FLAC or other lossless audio formats with high quality wired headphones, place the LG V30 at the top of your list.

Inside, the LG V30 puts on the same numbers show that other high-end phones do. It has a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB onboard storage, and a MicroSD slot. (You should not need extra storage, but if you do, this 64GB card is the one I bought recently.) The LG V30 will hold its competition with any other phone in its price range, and I have not even noticed any lag yet.


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LG has not yet put Android 8 Oreo on the device, but mine has at least got Android 7.1.2 in an October security update, which is more than I can say for a lot of Android phones. I hope LG will keep the updates coming. If you’re worried about security updates, buy a Google Pixel 2, a Moto X4 with Android One or an iPhone. No other device will receive updates as surely.

The other specification you care about is the camera, and in that department, the LG V30 is, well, OK. The 16-megapixel rear camera (f / 1.6) takes decent shots in most conditions, and I was particularly impressed by the ease with which it turned on the second camera, which allows for wide-angle shots. Many phones have this feature, but LG had it before many of them, and his experience shows. I took many wonderfully wide shots of downtown Boston.

The 5-megapixel selfie camera is where you will start to notice more camera gaps. Unlike the iPhone 7, I compared it to, the selfies on the LG V30 are supersaturated and over-filtered. This is a problem with LG’s image processing in general. Instead of presenting the world as it is, LG subtly tries to improve what you see. By default, it takes lines from your face, and the selfie takes out returned for some reason. You can change these settings, but it’s a strange set of default values.

The LG camera is fantastic by most measures, but not quite up to the standards set by the iPhone 8 or Pixel 2, in my opinion.

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On the other hand, the life of the battery is as good as possible. I did not have a day when the LG V30 did not have another 40 percent left at bedtime. You will need to charge this phone every night as you are used to, but if you forget it, your alarm will always sound the next morning.

There is no brilliant reason to buy an LG V30 over another phone, and its price of $ 800 + does not earn any points. But you will not regret having bought it. The LG V30 cannot stand out on a store shelf, but given a choice between this one and the Galaxy S8, I’d strongly consider putting my money on the LG V30.


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